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The Salomons Museum


White marble statue of Dick Whittington by John Edward Carew. It has particular significance as David Salomons was the first Jewish Lord Mayor of London. DSH.M.040.

The Salomons Museum celebrates the lives of three generations of the Salomons family, from the early 19th to the early 20th century. It houses a collection of mementos put together by Vera Bryce Salomons in memory of her brother, David Reginald Salomons, who was killed in the First World War; her father, David Lionel Salomons, a noted scientific innovater; and her great-uncle, David Salomons, a campaigner for Jewish civil rights.

The museum occupies two rooms of the family's country house - Broomhill, near Tunbridge Wells. Now known as the Salomons Estate, this operates as a conference and events venue and is set in nearly forty acres of picturesque Wealden countryside. It offers a glimpse into the home life of a comfortably well-off family of that period, but also provides an introduction to many of the key political, economic and social issues of the time.

The museum is usually open to the public, free of charge, but it, and the Salomons Estate as a whole, is closed at present due to the current crisis over Covid19.

This website seeks to tell the story of the Salomons for those unable to visit the museum.

Discover the story of the Salomons here.

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The Salomons Museum