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Welcome to the website of the Royal Tunbridge Wells Civic Society. The Society is an independent organisation which campaigns for the conservation and improvement of this attractive town with its important heritage and rich cultural life.

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    Press Release 10th November 2017:

    We have sent an open two page letter to every Tunbridge Wells Councillor detailing our qualified support for the proposed theatre and our unhappiness with their plans for the civic centre, the underground car park and the impact on Calverley Grounds. A summary of the points in our letter is shown below:

    * the Society calls for the future use of the present civic buildings to be decided now together with reasons as to why the Council cannot return there after rebuilding;
    * we think the Council should make every effort possible to purchase the Police Station;
    * we call for a re-think about the quantity of and access to the underground car-parking associated with the new office building and theatre;
    * we want to see the design of the new office building modified as it does not respond well to the sloping site;
    * we think there is an urgent need for a comprehensive plan for Calverley Grounds to be implemented in parallel with the civic development.

    Brian Lippard
    Royal Tunbridge Wells Civic Society

    To see the letter in full please click on this link below:

    Letter to Councillors

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    Thursday 11th January in the Royal Wells Hotel at 7.30pm

    'Defending Kent: 2,000 Years of Fortification in the County'
    - Sir Paul Britton of the Tonbridge Civic Society returns with a talk about the county's rich defensive legacy.

    Kent has more fortifications than any other part of the British Isles because it has always been in the front line against invasion. There are not just Roman forts, medieval castles - including Dover and Rochester, two of the most impressive castles in Europe - and town walls, but also the Henrician defences of the Medway and the Channel, the prodigious Chatham Dockyard defences, 19th century forts and World War II pillboxes. Some of these are familiar, others, such as the Roman fort of Lemanis or the amazing Drop Redoubt at Dover, are barely known except to experts.

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Picture: Cupola of the Church of King Charles the Martyr. Sue Daniels

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